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Associates On Board is an exclusive network event. The second edition will take place in June 2022, exact dates will be determined, where we will sail out every day with max. 5 guests on board, from Enkhuizen at 10.00h and arrive at 17.00h, depending on the weather.

With Associates On Board we take you for a trip on one of the famous Dutch waters and let you pull the strings of power. Literally. While sailing, you dive into a refreshing sea of experiences and insights. This day on the water challenges you in terms of leadership and communication. The dialogue about business development and the exchange of experiences and ideas, combined with an adventurous sailing experience, provides valuable insights. And above all: it is fun!

Together with entrepreneurs
On the boat, you are not alone. Under the guidance of Ruud van der Splinter and Mascha Ekkel, and together with four or five other entrepreneurs, we make this day an unforgettable one. As we sail across the IJsselmeer, we will discuss various business development aspects with each other. While you are playing with the elements that nature has to offer, you will discover new insights and how you can use them in the daily situation of your company. Curious about how we do this?

Play with the elements
Sailing is an extremely suitable simulation for entrepreneurship. Reclining is a no-go on board. We must move forward, using the elements that we can and cannot influence. As crew members, everyone has a specific role and improvisation is required. We also combine business and pleasure; professional coaching and reflection whilst enjoying the beautiful views over the water.

A ‘transparent’ experience
Sailing is a healthy and adventurous experience that will inspire and remain. We exchange ideas in a very pleasant way and at the end of the day you not only got some fresh air, but also some fresh ideas.
All decisions on board have a direct effect on how the ship sails. All topics that come up will receive feedback. This direct effect increases insight and creates an open and transparent experience. And let's be honest: sailing is super fun! It gives a feeling of freedom. It frees the mind and gives a boost when the boat glides over the water.

Interested in sailing along with us?

  • We sail with a Bavaria
  • We sail out and in from the Marina of Enkhuizen
  • Sailing is an outdoor activity, so water resistant outdoor clothing and –shoes are appropriate (please note, that on the water it is somewhat chillier than on land)
  • To sail along, one does not need sailing skills

In order to participate Associates on Board, please send a mail to