Traditionally, IMM Cologne kicks off the new year with a major furniture fair. I like to visit this fair, because I am not only inspired by the new collections, but also informed about the long-term trends and global developments.
With nearly 130,000 visitors from all over the world, IMM Cologne has now shown cautious growth following the downward trend in recent years. The organization therefore stated that this edition is a particularly good start to the year for the entire furniture sector. This inspires them to make this platform an even more important tool in this rapidly changing market, where they will continue to focus on ‘the most relevant issues’. What were ‘the most relevant issues’ of this edition?

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Durable, basic design

More and more people are seriously changing their consumer behavior to initiate a trend shift towards a sustainable society. This means that, for ecological reasons, people often opt for natural, lightweight design and recycling materials as well as a high level of quality. Storytelling, the true story about the product and the making of it, is of great importance.
The desire for a sustainable society, which is associated with an almost-natural, uncomplicated and original, rustic lifestyle, keeps the trend towards sober and basic design alive for the time being.

Greener living
We are increasingly in need of nature, which further increases the demand for homes with access to gardens or patios. Direct contact with outdoor becomes an integral part of indoor. Elegant materials and high-tech textiles make it possible to use furniture both indoors and outdoors and the differences in design and functionality are nearly zero.
The furniture that fits this trend is in some cases similar to that of a more sustainable life: bamboo, wickerwork and furniture made of high-tech materials. To be combined with plants in all (product) forms and materials.

No borders
In addition to sustainable living and living in direct contact with nature, we also want more freedom. We buy multifunctional furniture that separates spaces and connects them at the same time. The kitchen has long been integrated into the living room and in the meantime the bedroom and the bathroom have been further developed into an ‘en suite’. Walls are increasingly transparent or removed, creating open, light structures and direct contact with the outside.
Mobile furniture, such as tables that function as office and dining, cabinets used for both storage and room dividers, and objects applicable inside and outside are the ingredients for living without borders.

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At February 11, during the event Interior Related – The Outdoor Edition, these ‘most relevant issues’ will be translated throughout the product presentations of the participants. You are very welcome to visit the event between 2 and 5 p.m. in the beautiful showroom of Co van der Horst in Amstelveen.